Preschool Palette Rahr-West Art Museum


September 22, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
$1 per child
Heather Nelson
boy paintingAge: 3-5 year olds 
Young artists explore a series of art-inspired discovery opportunities. Preschoolers experience the art museum exhibits through gallery walks, discussions, and games. $1 for supplies will buy a lot of fun.

Pre-registration appreciated.

21st & 22nd
 Owl Art
We’re going to make a cute owl using our hand prints as wings!
19th & 20th
 Fall Leaf Prints
We’ll experiment with print making using real leaves.
16th & 17th
 Thankful Turkeys
It’s time to talk about things we are thankful for, so let’s do it with turkey art!
21st & 22nd
Paint an ornament to brighten up your Christmas tree or to give away as a gift to someone you love!