Dare to Dream - Auditions! Jakes Cafe

20150955ff6562b47edAudition for the holiday performance The Happy Elf. Become a part of Dare to Dream Theatre.

Roles are available for ages 3-adult.

Youngsters age 3-7 will be considered for the cast of Elves in Training, allowing them an opportunity to be involved in the production with minimum commitment.

Elves in Training will meet only once a week. Youngsters must be able to follow directions.

Rehearsals for HAPPY ELF will begin in Late September

NOTE: Actors wishing to be considered for a Principal or Solo role in The Happy Elf, please prepare 16 bars of a Musical Theater Piece that showcases your strength. Ipod Dock will be provided.

All actors wishing to be considered for Happy Elf will be asked to sing a familiar song for the music director, whether they are interested in a solo or not.

HAPPY ELF Auditions consist of singing with the music director, learning a short dance sequence from the show, and completing an acting exercise or reading from the script.